Additional Documents by William Taylor Reil

Certain Lawyers and Judges Played an Essential Role in the Destruction of Our Lawful Government-2

Super Shadow Legislature-2


Are Our Governments To Be Democracies or Republics?

The Clinton Chronicles Alert

Hillary Rodham Clinton Exposed!

Who Is A “Natural Born Citizen” of the United States of America?

Rafael Edward (Ted) Cruz is neither a U.S. citizen nor a Natural Born Citizen!

Ted Cruz is NOT eligible to be President of the United States of America!

Natural Born Citizen Explained

Question and Answer about the 1790 Naturalization Act


Church World Service – Lancaster 01-02-2016 Letter

Christianity Is The True Historical Basis Of Our Laws-2


12-14-2015 Open Letter to Govenor Wolf

Governor Wolf Refugee 11:17:2015 Letter -1   Govenor Wolf's 11:12:2015 Letter about Refugees - 2

12-14-2015 Open Letter to House of Representative Member

12-14-2015 Open Letter to Senator



A State and Local Civil Action Plan

Legal Definition for Relevant Word

National Liberty Alliance Exposed


“Zoning” Is Unconstitutional When Applied To Private Property!

Trial by Jury is no longer a fundamental right – 4

It Is Time To Reclaim The True Pennsylvania Militia!

Why The So-called 14th Amendment Is Unconstitutional

Marriage Is Between One Man And One Woman!

Those In Lawful Governments Are To Be Obedient Servants!

The Declaration of Independence Revisited

Our Governments Are NOT Supposed To Be Democracies! 

More About Common Core

Liberty, Freedom and Rights

Where Have All The Churches Gone?

Jurors can judge both the facts and the law

The True Meaning And Original Intent Of The “Commerce Clause”

The Second Amendment – Yesterday and Today

Unconstitutional War and Emergency Powers

The True Meaning Of The Supremacy Clause

Super Shadow Legislature

William Penn and Nullification

Christianity Is The True Historical Basis Of Our Laws 

Just Say No To Common Core

The True Meaning Of The “Supremacy Clause” – 3

A Line In The Sand

Bankers Create “Fiat Money” Out Of Thin Air!

What Are The Enumerated Powers Of Congress?

“Say It Isn’t So, Joe”

They Are Coming For Our Guns and Ammunition

Guns Are Not The Cause!

Our Right To Bear Arms Is A God Given Right

The “Fiscal Cliff” Is A Fraud

There Is A Reason For This Season

Happy Birthday To The “Bill of Rights”!

“Truth for Authority”

Who Is A “Natural Born Citizen” of the United States of America?

Nullification websites

Unconstitutional Spending Is The Economic Problem!

A Lawful Solution to Our Current Financial Problems

Follow the Constitution To Solve the U.S. Budget and Debt Problems

Why Is The So-called 14th Amendment Unconstitutional?

14th Amendment Information Websites

Pragmatism and Compromise Of Principles Are Sources of Tyranny